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    SubjectMSI failure on nForce 430 (WAS: intel 82571EB gigabit fails to see link on 2.6.20-rc5 in-tree e1000 driver (regression))
    (cc: list trimmed and thread moved to linux-pci)

    I have a PCI-E e1000 card that does not see interrupts on 2.6.20-rc5
    unless CONFIG_PCI_MSI is disabled. An e1000 maintainer indicated that
    the PHY state is correct, it's just that the interrupt is not getting
    thru to the kernel. Interestingly, on 2.6.19 PHY interrupts get thru ok
    with MSI enabled (link status responds appropriately) but packet tx
    fails with timeout errors, implying that perhaps MAC interrupts are not

    I've attached the contents dmesg, 'lspci -vvv', and 'cat
    /proc/interrupts' from 2.6.20-rc5.

    This is an nForce 430 based chipset on a Dell E521 which has had
    interrupt routing issues before. Prior to 2.6.19 it had to be booted
    with 'noapic' in order to come up at all. It also had USB lockup
    problems until I applied the latest BIOS update (v1.1.4). So a BIOS
    interrupt routing bug with MSI is not out of the question.

    I'm happy to gather more data or run tests...


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