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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Print sysrq-m messages with KERN_INFO priority
    On Mon, 1 Jan 2007 23:37:43 -0500
    Theodore Tso <> wrote:
    > > Is this patch a consistency thing?
    > The goal of the patch was to avoid filling /var/log/messages huge
    > amounts of sysrq text. Some of the sysrq commands, especially sysrq-m
    > and sysrq-t emit a truly vast amount of information, and it's not
    > really nice to have that filling up /var/log/messages.

    I find it extremely useful that it ends up in /var/log/messages so that I
    can review the dump later. Often the first glance through a set of dumps
    on things like a process deadlock don't reveal the right information and
    you need to go back and look again.

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