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SubjectRe: Proposed changes for libata speed handling
O> Wouldn't it be better to have ->determine_xfer_mask() and
> ->set_specific_mode() than having two somewhat overlapping callbacks?
> Or is there some problem that can't be handled that way?

I'm not sure I follow what you are suggesting - can you explain further.

Right now ->set_mode does all the policy management with regards to
picking the right modes which is sometimes done by the usual ATA rules
and sometimes by card specific code.

->set_specific_mode does no policy work but merely sets up a mode.

The default behaviour of ->set_mode() is the ATA mode selection by best
mode available, and this function is normally not provided by a driver.

The default behaviour of ->set_specific_mode() is to verify the mode is
valid then issue ->set_pio|dma_mode() (for both devices in case a timing
change on both is triggered). This function is overridable because of
things like IT821x where the IDE mode is imaginary.

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