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SubjectRe: O_DIRECT question
dean gaudet wrote:
> it seems to me that if splice and fadvise and related things are
> sufficient for userland to take care of things "properly" then O_DIRECT
> could be changed into splice/fadvise calls either by a library or in the
> kernel directly...

No, because the semantics are entirely different. An application using
read/write with O_DIRECT expects read() to block until data is
physically fetched from the device. fadvise() does not FORCE the kernel
to discard cache, it only hints that it should, so a read() or mmap()
very well may reuse a cached page instead of fetching from the disk
again. The application also expects write() to block until the data is
on the disk. In the case of a blocking write, you could splice/msync,
but what about aio?

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