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SubjectRe: ntp.c : possible inconsistency?

On Wed, 10 Jan 2007, Bernhard Schiffner wrote:

> trying to find reasons for some crazy ntpd-behavior I read
> This thread doesn't result in a pulished patch, so I (hopefully) did what was
> said there. The patch doesn't break my system, but it doesn't change ntpd's
> crazyness too.
> Nevertheless it should be discussed again in the sense of preventing an
> inconsistency.

Without a further explanation of this craziness, it's a little hard to

> PS:
> Can someone point me to the reason for doing txc->constant + 4, please?

The main reason is this part in ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c of the ntp package:

if (pll_nano) {
ntv.offset = (int32)(clock_offset *
1e9 + dtemp);
ntv.constant = sys_poll;
} else {
ntv.offset = (int32)(clock_offset *
1e6 + dtemp);
ntv.constant = sys_poll - 4;

It uses the pll_nano switch to distinguish between the old and new ntp
model. The kernel now implements the new ntp model, but the actual
userspace interface hasn't changed yet, so the kernel undoes the

Here is bit more information about where this adjustments comes from:

bye, Roman
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