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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.20-rc4 1/4] futex priority based wakeup
Pierre Peiffer a écrit :
> Ulrich Drepper a écrit :
>> I have never seen performance numbers for this. If it is punishing
>> existing code in a measurable way I think it's not anacceptable default
>> behavior.

> May be, supposing it makes sense to respect the priority order only for
> real-time pthreads, I can register all SCHED_OTHER threads to the same
> MAX_RT_PRIO priotity ?

Moreover, the performance must be considered, sure, but after all, "man
pthread_cond_broadcast" says:
If more than one thread is blocked on a condition variable, the
scheduling policy shall determine the order in which threads are

... this is not true today ...
(of course, "shall" does not mean "mandatory", I know ;-) )

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