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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] change libfs sb creation routines to avoid collisions with their root inodes
Christoph Hellwig wrote:

>> return -ENOMEM;
>> + /* set to high value to try and avoid collisions with loop below */
>> + inode->i_ino = 0xffffffff;
>> + insert_inode_hash(inode);
> This is odd. Can't we just add some constant base to the loop below?
I thought the same thing, but Jeff pointed out that
nfsctl_transaction_write does ops based on inode numbers, and they maybe
can't move around?

rv = write_op[ino](file, data, size);

However, nfsd's call to simple_fill_super already sends in a set of
files starting at inode 2:

enum {
NFSD_Root = 1,

static struct tree_descr nfsd_files[] = {
[NFSD_Svc] = {".svc", &transaction_ops, S_IWUSR},
return simple_fill_super(sb, 0x6e667364, nfsd_files);

which does...

for (i = 0; !files->name || files->name[0]; i++, files++) {
if (!files->name)
inode->i_ino = i;

So I think it's already expecting the root inode at one, and the other
files starting at 2?

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