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SubjectHard lock with a CD-R and k3b
I have a CD-R that makes linux lock hard when I start k3b. I copied these
messages from the console by hand (I hope there are no errors). NB: these
are not kernel messages (there's nothing in the logs and sysrq doesn't
work). This is what k3b prints and I'm aware it's not very useful:

mediatype: CD-R
current profile: CD-R
disk state: incomplete
empty: false
rewritable: false
appendable: true
sessions: 4
tracvks: 4
layers: 1
capacity: ... LBA 336601 ...
remaining size: ... LBA 25803 ...
used size: ... LBA 310798 ...
SCSi command failed:
command: READ DVD STRUCT (ad)
errorcode: 70
sense key: illegal request (5)
asc: 30
ascq: 2
(k3bdevice::device) /dec/hdf: READ DVD STRUCTURE length det failed

I'll try the same CD with other kernel versions/archictures. In the
meantime, have you any hints ?

[Linux Jay 2.6.19 #1 SMP Fri Dec 1 00:06:24 CET 2006 ppc 7455, altivec supported PowerMac3,6 GNU/Linux]

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