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SubjectRe: Fix the reproducible oops in scsi
James Smart <James.Smart@Emulex.Com> writes:

> I don't believe this is a valid fix. This is yet another case
> of the reuse-after-free issues on sdevs. The real issue is the
> deleted sdev isn't truly getting deleted due to references, and
> we're deadlocked trying to allocate a new one while the old one
> is outstanding. This fix just jumps over things. You're actually
> using a partially torn down sdev that, if the refcounts ever
> decremented, would be zapped - and you would be in a bunch of trouble.

I see. Can you explain more about reuse-after-free issue on sdevs? Is
there any test case or any info? Or is there any plan to fix it?
OGAWA Hirofumi <>
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