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Subject2.6.20 regression: suspend to disk no more works
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In *the same* configuration STD now fails with "Cannot find swap device". The
reason is changes in kernel/power/swap.c. In 2.6.19 it did not require valid
swsusp_resume_device at all - it took first available swap device and saved
image. Later during resume swsusp_resume_device was set either by command
line or sysfs and everything worked nicely.

Now swsusp_swap_check() unfortunately checks for swsusp_resume_device at
*suspend* time:

res = swap_type_of(swsusp_resume_device, swsusp_resume_block);
if (res < 0)
return res;

root_swap = res;
resume_bdev = open_by_devnum(swsusp_resume_device, FMODE_WRITE);
if (IS_ERR(resume_bdev))
return PTR_ERR(resume_bdev);

but in case of modular driver for swap device this is likely to be undefined.
This is as of 2.6.20-rc3.

I already have seen these reports. While 'echo a:b > /sys/power/resume' before
suspend is a workaround, this still breaks perfectly valid setup that worked
before. Also 'echo a:b > /sys/power/resume' is actually wrong - we are not
going to resume at this point; but there is no way to just tell kernel "use
this device for next STD" ... also the error message is misleading, it should
complaint "no resume device found". Swap is there all right.

- -andrey
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