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SubjectRe: Binary Drivers

> >You're not alone, I think everybody who knows, how
> >things in a
> >computer work shares this view.
> ---
> Two of the specific arguments I've heard are (a) that
> the board (and
> its hardware interfaces that the documentation would
> describe) involve
> IP licensed from a third party, which the board
> manufacturer does not
> have a legal right to disclose, or (b) that there is, in
> fact, no
> suitable documentation, because the boards are developed
> somewhat
> fluidly and the driver is developed directly from
> low-level knowledge
> that simply isn't written down in a form suitable for
> passing on.

So just opensource the driver. It is usually easy to port it, and
possible to clean it up.

I have once ported cd-rom driver from DOS to linux (do you still
remember cdroms not talking ATA?) -- in 2days or so, and the comments
in driver were in korean.

Thanks for all the (sleeping) penguins.
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