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Subjectnetdevice name corruption is still present in 2.6.18-rc6-mm1

I would like to confirm that issue with netdevice name corruption
is still present in 2.6.18-rc6-mm1 and extremely easy to reproduce
(at least on my system) with 100% hit rate.

All I have to do is 'sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop'. And here we go:

Sep 8 22:50:11 nickolas kernel: [events/1:7]: Changing netdevice name from [ath0] to [\200^C^Bб\206]

Does not look like an userspace issue at all...

Last kernel which is known to be working (for me) is 2.6.18-rc1-mm2.
Sorry, I now that a lot of things had changed since then,
but I was somewhat busy last couple of months...

Please let me know if I can help somehow to debug it.

Thank you,
Nick Orlov.

P.S. I admit that I'm using "binary only atheros driver" which makes
this report a lot less legit. But seems like people experiencing the
very same issue w/o any closed-source drivers loaded...

P.P.S I don't even have NetworkManager executable on my system
(Debian unstable updated on daily basis), so NetworkManager have
nothing to do with it.

With best wishes,
Nick Orlov.

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