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SubjectRe: Suspend to ram with 2.6 kernels
Pavel Machek wrote:
> On Wed 06-09-06 19:35:50, Eric Sandall wrote:
>> Hello LKML,
>> I am having a problem with suspend-to-ram (have been for a while, but
>> suspend-to-disk has been working fine for me, so I never really bothered
>> to report it until now).
>> Suspend-to-disk and resuming from it works fine (using `echo -n disk >
>> /sys/power/state`).
>> Suspend-to-ram works fine (using `echo -n mem > /sys/power/state`), but
>> resuming does not. When I lift up the lid of my laptop (Dell Inspiron
>> 5100) it seems to power back up (the power light changes from blinking
>> to solid), but my screen stays blank and keys such as capslock do not
>> toggle their LED.
> See, use provided s2ram program.

Thanks! The key (mentioned in the documentation there) is to disable
framebuffer (ATI video card). First time I've had suspend-to-RAM working
on this machine. ;)

Suspending works with `s2ram -f`, no other options needed, from X.

# s2ram -i
This machine can be identified by:
sys_vendor = "Dell Computer Corporation"
sys_product = "Inspiron 5100 "
sys_version = ""
bios_version = "A23"

Though you may want to rename the /usr/sbin/suspend command to something
other than 'suspend' as, at least for me, it is a shell command which
puts the current shell in the background.

The HOWTO *does* mention:
[Warning: some shells have "suspend" built in command, so specifing
exact path like ./suspend is more important than usual.]

Though I still believe it'd be a good idea to pick a non-conflicting name.


Eric Sandall | Source Mage GNU/Linux Developer | | SysAdmin @ Shock Physics @ WSU #196285 |

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