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SubjectRe: TG3 data corruption (TSO ?)
>> I've been chasing with Segher a data corruption problem lately.
>> Basically transferring huge amount of data (several Gb) and I get
>> corrupted data at the rx side. I cannot tell for sure wether what
>> I've
>> been observing here is the same problem that segher's been seing
>> on is
>> blades, he will confirm or not. He also seemed to imply that
>> reverting
>> to an older kernel on the -receiver- side fixed it, which makes me
>> wonder, since it's looks really like a sending side problem (see
>> explanation below), if some change in, for exmaple, window scaling,
>> might hide or trigger it.
> Please send me lspci and tg3 probing output so that I know what
> tg3 hardware you're using.

I use a 5780 rev. A3, but the problem is not limited to this chip.

> I also want to look at the tcpdump or
> ethereal on the mirrored port that shows the packet being corrupted.

I don't have such, sorry.

>> That's all the data I have at this point. I can't guarantee 100% that
>> it's a TSO bug (it might be a bug that TSO renders visible
>> due to timing
>> effects) but it looks like it since I've not reproduced yet with TSO
>> disabled.

It seems to indeed to only be exposed by TSO, not actually a
bug of it /an sich/.

I've got a patch that seems so solve the problem, it needs more testing
though (maybe Ben can do this :-) ). The problem is that there should
be quite a few wmb()'s in the code that are just not there; adding some
to tg3_set_txd() seems to fix the immediate problem but more is needed
(and I don't see why those should be needed, unless tg3_set_txd() is
updating a life ring entry in place or something like that).

More testing is needed, but the problem is definitely the lack of memory


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