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SubjectLKML FAQ, newsgroups and newbies (was Re: [RFC] e-mail clients)
Jesper Juhl wrote:
> On 08/09/06, Victor Hugo <> wrote:
>> about which client to use on lkml?? Pine?? Mutt??
>> Thunderbird?? Telnet??
> I personally use both 'pine' and 'kmail' and they both work perfectly
> for sending patches.

Why NNTP was abandoned and development switched to pure SMTP+maillist ?

Pros and cons are. Classic NNTP consider "courtesy copies" (Cc) to be impolite,
pure SMTP eases scripting of handling patches. But, adding CCs to NNTP postings
is possible, while reading big volumes is very convenient. Any backend SMTP
MUA/MTA may be used for patch-handling job. Discussion about (any web-based)
bugzilla vs e-mail, applies to NNTP: there are many readers (with e-mail
support as well), easy managing, ASCII.

IMHO it's very good start for anyone. Thus i've found a way to step into
development even i'm not cs, guru, hacker, just unix-like os (stupid) user,
even have had read all that treating discussions about lkml volumes.

I use + SMTP MTA | mutt MUA, but couldn't yet
develop patch handling, i didn't write a good one yet.

So things like:
* press articles' questions "It's so many messages in LKML, how one can read
them all ???",
* SMTP@spam (key is _@_ ;),
* e-mail handling headache,
is prize for not using NNTP as a primary. I really want to see reasonable
explanations on question above. FAQ has "COLA = comp.os.linux.announce
(newsgroup)", nothing more about NNTP as it used to be used.

-*- OT -*-

On every LKML post there's a message about FAQ URL, that page has
"NOTE: this page is no longer maintained..." (Dot coms boomed) Many
linux-related sites also outdated. Advogato is going down (well most of linux
developers moved from it years ago), we are getting older, having families,
children, something becomes more/less important. So that's next ? (hopefully
not an accelerated kernel-XML-Parser 4 Desktop Linux (R) ;)

Maybe linux-kernel need new blood ? Victor Hugo, being not from
linux-visionaries, you're welcome.

-o--=O`C /. .\ (i want ..., but with ENOPATCH) (+)
#oo'L O o |
<___=E M ^-- | (you're ... the wrong ...)

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