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SubjectRe: Proper /proc/pid/cmdline behavior when command line is corrupt?
Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> Hi Edward,

>>that the environment buffer is assumed to immediately follow the
>>command line buffer.
> The environment buffer is not assumed to be there, it is _known_ to come right
> after the argument string, because that is how the kernel sets it up on execve
> (for x86 at least).

Is that in a spec somewhere? Otherwise, I would argue that it isn't
_known_ to come right after the argument string, it just _happens_ to
come right after the argument string. This could change in future kernels.

>>I'm currently working on a patch that removes the one page limit on
>>the returned command line buffer but I'm not convinced I should
>>retain this behavior.
> I think yes. proc_pid_cmdline() has these lines:
> len = mm->arg_end - mm->arg_start
> * if (len > PAGE_SIZE)
> * len = PAGE_SIZE;
> res = access_process_vm(task, mm->arg_start, buffer, len, 0);
> and @buffer is allocated in the caller as only one page:

True, but that's an arbitrary limitation which I'm in the process of
removing. I have a new version of proc_pid_cmdline() which will return
the entire commandline buffer no matter what its length. If the
grab-more-data-from-environment-buffer behavior is actually broken, I'd
rather not propagate it to the new code.

-ed falk
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