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SubjectRe: Updated ext4 patches for 2.6.18-rc6
On Fri, Sep 08, 2006 at 12:01:08AM -0700, Mingming Cao wrote:
> Hello,
> Just give you all an update about the latest ext4 patches before I leave
> for vacation: The latest ext4 patches (clone ext4 + 48bit ext4) is
> against 2.6.18-rc6, as usual, could be found at:
> Haven't done series testing yet, but fsx test runs fine a few hours on
> ext4dev filesystem mounted with extents:)
> change log since last release (2.6.18-rc4)
> rebase ext4/jbd2 clone patches to 2.6.18-rc6 (Mingming Cao<>)
> rename ext3dev to ext4dev (Randy Dunlap <>, Mingming Cao <
> register-ext4dev.patch
> +register-jbd2.patch
> *comment fixs in extent patch (Randy Dunlap <>)
> +extents_comment_fix.patch
> *change some micro and inline functions to c fuctions(Avantika Mathur<
> +64bitmetadata_inline_funcs_fix.patch
> *change ext4/jbd2 block type from sector_t to unsigned long long. (Mingming Cao<>). remove sector_fmt.patch
> +ext4_blk_type_from_sector_t_to_ulonglong.patch
> +ext4_remove_sector_t_bits_check.patch
> +jbd2_blks_type_from_sector_t_to_ull.patch
> -sector_fmt.patch
> Andrew, you could pull all the patches(in quilt style) from here(a
> series of patches)
> Shaggy has nicely offered to maintain and forward all these patches from
> here while I am out, thanks, Shaggy:)


there are 2 more patches:

* ext4_remove_relative_block_numbers:

use 48bit absolute block numbers instead of mixed relative/absolute block
numbers. This is simpler and seems to fix issues with large file systems.

* ext4_allow_larger_descriptor_size:

allow larger block group descriptors: this patch will allow to add new
features that need more space in the block descriptor.

here is the complete patch set:

there's also a patch set for the latest e2fsprogs that is in sync with the
kernel patches:


-- Alexandre
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