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SubjectRE: [OT] RE: bogofilter ate 3/5
From: Chase Venters [] 
> Indeed. Let me make one final point then. If you think this issue is
> important, you might start by asking the administrators of

I think it's important enough that LKML shouldn't be introducing new
autorespond behaviour if it can be avoided.

Quite often I play Devil's Advocate in a debate. I brought up the
point that autoresponders are often considered spam, you seemed to
take a hardline position that autoresponds are necessary and cannot
ever be removed, so I took the opposing hardline position. Makes the
debate interesting.

Personally I consider all Virus, bounce and deferral messages, that
are generated by email I did not send aka had my address forged, to be
spam. There are valid alternate methods that avoid the requirement of
sending those types of messages.

I ignore mailing list join-up confirmation messages. Those are
necessary as there's no other way to confirm an address wants to join.

I ignore the first vacation message, but if I get multiples within a
week, then I report that.

The vast majority of my spam besides actual spam are bounces. Virus
autoresponders used to be common but have stopped. I notice a
correlation between the end of virus responses and SpamCop accepting
them as spam. Mailing lists and vacation notices are very rare in


PS. Still waiting for your snail mail address. :-)

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