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SubjectRe: re-reading the partition table on a "busy" drive

>> My anwser to this question: if it's so "pretty annoying", just let it be
>> "yes, do as i said !", not more and not less, just most ;).
>Well, this whole question is already moot, as pointed out by Olaf.
>Because kernel already supports add/delete single partition ioctls,
>which is sufficient. For my needs I already wrote a tiny hack which
>compares /proc/partitions with the output of `sfdisk -d' and re-adds
>anything which changed. It should be possible to do the same with
>parted instead of {sf,cf,f}disk without using that hack, but hell,
>all those fdisks (parted included) sucks badly, each in its own way,
>so all are being used for different parts of the task, including the
>hack ;)

So something should write the perfect utility. There are people on this
list capable of this, like we have seen with git :)

Jan Engelhardt
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