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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/5] proc: Make the generation of the self symlink table driven.
Jan Engelhardt <> writes:

>>>>> + for (; nr < (ARRAY_SIZE(proc_base_stuff) - 1); filp->f_pos++, nr++) {
>>> Also works without the () around ARRAY_SIZE(..)-1
>>Sure. But I don't really trust C precedence (because it is wrong)
> Wrong? In mathematics, "a < (b - 1)" also is equivalent to "a < b - 1".

In mathematics < is not an operation that yields a result in
the domain of integers. So "(a < b) - 1" is impossible.

Regardless this isn't a case where the C precedence is wrong.
"a < b | 1" is an example of C getting the precedence wrong.

Having to remember where C is wrong and in what circumstances is
harder than just putting in parenthesis.

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