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SubjectRe: [PATCH] FRV: do_gettimeofday() should no longer use tickadj

* David Howells <> wrote:

> The genirq subdir all wraps up into this:
> 10908 3272 12 14192 3770 kernel/irq/built-in.o
> 1548 64 4 1616 650 arch/frv/kernel/irq.o
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> 12456 3336 16 15808 3dc0 total

hm, could you take a look at why that difference happens? Do you make
use of __do_IRQ()? Do you make use of all the various flow handlers that
are offered in handle.c? Could you #ifdef out all the functions that are
unused? The kernel build process doesnt remove them and i havent (yet)
put them into a library.

Could you please send us the patch that genirq-ifies FRV?

> So, again, why _should_ I use the generic IRQ stuff? [...]

To have shared code between architectures? To make generic API updates
easier for all of us? To have less cruft in interrupt.h? To not having
to add last-minute patches to v2.6.18 because some arch defines its own
IRQ prototypes and a difficult generic feature like irqtrace breaks? To
get new IRQ subsystem features for free like preemptible irqs, irqpoll
or SHIRQ debugging?

the same "why should we share code" argument could be made for the VFS
too. Sharing code has a (small) price most of the time, but it's also
very much worth it. I think the size increases you are seeing are
artificial and most of it is not caused by the indirections. If they
were caused by the indirections i'd probably agree with you.

if your argument were true every arch should run its whole Linux kernel
in arch/frv, with zero sharing with anyone else. There's always a lot of
'unnecessary' stuff all around the kernel that is just a hindrance for
FRV. In reality what makes us stronger is to work together. I dont for a
minute say that we should overdo code sharing - if it's not possible
then it must not be forced, but just the pure fact of "more
indirections" or "what does this bring me _now_" isnt a good enough
reason i believe - it simply makes _future_ changes easier.

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