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SubjectRe: patch to make Linux capabilities into something useful (v 0.3.1)
On Sep 07, 2006, at 14:21:15, James Antill wrote:
> David Madore <> writes:
>> Hi.
>> As we all know, capabilities under Linux are currently crippled to
>> the point of being useless. Attached is a patch (against 2.6.18-
>> rc6) which attempts to make them work in a reasonably useful way
>> and at the same time not break anything. On top of the
>> "additional" capabilities that lead up to root, it also adds
>> "regular" capabilities which all processes have by default and
>> which can be removed from specifically untrusted programs.
> Just a minor comment, can you break out the OPEN into at least
> OPEN_R, OPEN_NONFILE_W and OPEN_W (possibly OPEN_A, but I don't
> want that personally). The case I'm thinking about are network
> daemons that need to open+write to the syslog socket but only have
> read access elsewhere.
> Also there is much more than just bind9 using capabilities, the
> obvious ones that come to mind are NOATIME and AUDIT.

To be honest, once you get to the point of having an OPEN_NONFILE_W
capability you should really just be using SELinux. Instead of
spewing policy all over your filesystem xattrs you put it all into a
single set of fairly admin-readable policy files, and it includes
more fine-grained operations than you have space for in 32 bits of
"un"-capabilities. It also conveniently supports the existing pseudo-
POSIX capabilities. You can effectively say "root, netadmin, and
netuser users are allowed to run ping programs which automatically
transition into the ping domain and get CAP_NET_RAW privileges" in
your binary policy, then just leave ping as chmod "755" and be done
with it.

Kyle Moffett

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