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SubjectRe: [PATCH 14/16] GFS2: The DLM interface module
Hi David,

>> >+int gdlm_get_lock(lm_lockspace_t *lockspace, struct lm_lockname *name,
>> >+ lm_lock_t **lockp)
>> [lm_lock_t is]
>> currently typedef'ed to void [...]. (One _could_
>> get rid of it, but better not while it is called lm_lock_t. Leave as-is
>> for now.)
>I'm wondering what you might suggest instead of using the lm_lockspace_t,
>lm_lock_t, lm_fsdata_t typedefs. These are opaque objects passed between
>gfs and the lock modules. Could you give an example or point to some code
>that shows what you're thinking?

What I was thinking about:
int gdlm_get_lock(void *lockspace, struct lm_lockname *name, void **lockp)

Jan Engelhardt
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