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SubjectRe: question regarding cacheline size
Grant Grundler wrote:
> hrm...if the driver can put a safe value in cachelinesize register
> and NOT enable MWI, I can imagine a significant performance boost
> if the device can use MRM or MRL. But IMHO it's up to the driver
> writers (or other contributors) to figure that out.


> Current API (pci_set_mwi()) ties enabling MRM/MRL with enabling MWI
> and I don't see a really good reason for that. Only the converse
> is true - enabling MWI requires setting cachelinesize.

Correct, that's why it was done that way, when I wrote the API.
Enabling MWI required making sure the BIOS configured our CLS for us,
which was often not the case. No reason why we can't do a

pdev->set_cls = 1;
rc = pci_enable_device(pdev);


rc = pci_set_cacheline_size(pdev);



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