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SubjectRe: [PATCH] watchdog: add support for w83697hg chip
Samuel Tardieu wrote:
> On 6/09, Pádraig Brady wrote:
> | I noticed you didn't include the check that's in the
> | W83627HF driver to reset the timeout if already running
> | from the BIOS. This was because some BIOS set the timeout
> | to 4 minutes for example, so when the driver was loaded
> | and reset the mode to seconds, the machine rebooted
> | before the init scripts could run and start the userspace
> | watchdog daemon.
> Note that the watchdog is enabled only when the device is open and is
> signalled during the wdt_enable() routine just after switching the mode
> to seconds.

Sorry I missed that. That's fine so.

So in the case the BIOS sets the watchdog to 4 mins
for example the 2 drivers are a little different.

W83627HF resets to timeout seconds on module load
W83697HG resets to timeout seconds on /dev/watchdog open

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