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SubjectRe: [PATCH 9/13] BC: locked pages (charge hooks)
Pavel Emelianov wrote:

>Nick Piggin wrote:
>>Kirill Korotaev wrote:
>>>Introduce calls to BC core over the kernel to charge locked memory.
>>>Normaly new locked piece of memory may appear in insert_vm_struct,
>>>but there are places (do_mmap_pgoff, dup_mmap etc) when new vma
>>>is not inserted by insert_vm_struct(), but either link_vma-ed or
>>>merged with some other - these places call BC code explicitly.
>>>Plus sys_mlock[all] itself has to be patched to charge/uncharge
>>>needed amount of pages.
>>I still haven't heard your good reasons why such a complex scheme is
>>required when my really simple proposal of unconditionally charging
>>the page to the container it was allocated by.
>Charging the page to the container it was allocated in is a possible and
>correct way, we agree, but how does this comment refer to locked pages

If it is a possible and correct way, I'd must rather see *that* way
get tried first, and then made more complex or discarded if it is
found to be insufficient.


That's where I'd looked at enough mm/ stuff to decide that it wasn't
just my usual unjustified whining. Complexity of this approach is
quite... high.

Sorry if that wasn't clear.


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