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    Subject[PATCH 0/6] x86_64: Generic timekeeping for x86_64
    Hey Andi,
    Just wanted to send this second pass on the x86_64 generic
    timekeeping conversion. It includes a number of changes you suggested,
    however its possible I missed a few things. I've made sure the patchset
    compiles at each stage, and atleast w/ the box I was using it booted
    each step as well.

    Still on the TODO:
    o See about merging i386/x86-64 hpet.c (maybe driver/char/hpet.c as
    o 64bit hpet (should be trivial)
    o Further cleanups

    If anyone else is interested here, my full timekeeping tree can be
    found here:

    New in the current C6 release:
    o x86-64 cleanups
    o arch-trivial patch that converts arches w/o inter-tick resolution
    o ia64 fixups by Peter Keilty

    Let me know if you have any thoughts or comments!

    thanks again!
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