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SubjectRe: [PATCH] VIA IRQ quirk fixup only in XT_PIC mode Take 2
Sergio Monteiro Basto wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 12:13 -0400, Daniel Drake wrote:
>>> about Linus suggestion :
>>> - new_irq = dev->irq & 0xf;
>>> + new_irq = dev->irq;
>>> + if (!new_irq || new_irq >= 15)
>>> + return;
>>> no, we have problem with VIA SATA controllers which have irq lower than
>>> 15
>> Any chance you can provide a link to this example so that we can
>> document the decision in the commit message?

I'm confused. Heikki's report is about a sata_sil controller and he
didn't include any dmesg output so I don't know how you can conclude
that quirking an IRQ to something less than 15 was the fix...

Also note that the fix was *not* quirking the device at all (your patch
ensured that the quirks didn't run because IO-APIC was enabled), this
hardly seems like an accurate way of arguing that quirks that change the
IRQ to something less than 15 are *required*...



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