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SubjectRe: PATA drivers queued for 2.6.19
Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>>> I just pulled the "pata-drivers" branch of libata-dev.git into the
>>> "upstream" branch, which means that Alan's libata PATA driver collection
>>> is now queued for 2.6.19.
>>> Testing-wise, these PATA drivers have been Andrew Morton's -mm tree for
>>> many months. Community-wise, no one posted objections to the PATA
>>> driver merge plan, when Alan posted it on LKML and linux-ide.
>> Too friggin' hard to test Alan's stuff for older IDE here, therefore
>> ignored so far :( I have some old hardware that Alan is addressing,
>> even an old IBM 260MB PCMCIA HDD.
>> I can't see an easy way to arrange multi-boot with different /etc/fstab
>> depending if I'm trying /dev/hdaX or /dev/sdaX. Parallel '/' partitions?
> Got udev?
> /dev/disk/by-id/ata-ST3802110A_5LR13RN7-partX could be your friend.
Udev fixes this for most filesystems - except / which is cruical.
With / on raid-1 this is not a problem, as md autodetect will
assemble the arrays whether they are on ide or scsi.
But anyone with / on a partition can't easily switch
between sda/hda unless they also use an initrd. The kernel
itself does not seem to support partition by label. :-(

Helge Hafting

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