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SubjectRe: [xfs-masters] Re: [PATCH 2.6.18-rc4-mm3 2/2] fs/xfs: Converting into generic boolean
On Tue, Sep 05, 2006 at 02:47:02PM +0200, Richard Knutsson wrote:
> Just the notion: "your" guys was the ones to make those to boolean(_t),

Sort of, we actually inherited that type from IRIX where it is
defined in <sys/types.h>.

> and now you seem to want to patch them away because I tried to make them
> more general.

Nah, I just don't see the value either way, and see it as another
code churn exercise.

> So, is the:
> B_FALSE -> false
> B_TRUE -> true
> ok by you?

Personally, no. Thats code churn with no value IMO.

> >"int needflush;" is just as readable (some would argue moreso) as
> >"bool needflush;" and thats pretty much the level of use in XFS -
> >
> How are you sure "needflush" is, for example, not a counter?

Well, that would be named "flushcount" or some such thing. And you
would be able to tell that it was a counter by the way its used in
the surrounding code.

This discussion really isn't going anywhere useful; I think you need
to accept that not everyone sees value in a boolean type. :)


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