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SubjectRe: [2.6.19 PATCH 1/7] ehea: interface to network stack
Thomas Klein <> :
> Somehow I don't get your point concerning the usage of 'k'. We need another
> iterator as the for loops using 'k' use 'i' as their terminating condition.

Something like the code below perhaps (with more local variables maybe):

static int ehea_reg_interrupts(struct net_device *dev)
struct ehea_port *port = netdev_priv(dev);
struct ehea_port_res *pr;
int i, ret;

for (i = 0; i < port->num_def_qps; i++) {
pr = &port->port_res[i];
snprintf(pr->int_recv_name, EHEA_IRQ_NAME_SIZE - 1
, "%s-recv%d", dev->name, i);
ret = ibmebus_request_irq(NULL, pr->recv_eq->attr.ist1,
ehea_recv_irq_handler, SA_INTERRUPT,
pr->int_recv_name, pr);
if (ret) {
ehea_error("failed registering irq for ehea_recv_int:"
"port_res_nr:%d, ist=%X", i,
goto err_free_irq_recv_eq_0;
if (netif_msg_ifup(port))
ehea_info("irq_handle 0x%X for funct ehea_recv_int %d "
"registered", pr->recv_eq->attr.ist1, i);

snprintf(port->int_aff_name, EHEA_IRQ_NAME_SIZE - 1,
"%s-aff", dev->name);
ret = ibmebus_request_irq(NULL, port->qp_eq->attr.ist1,
SA_INTERRUPT, port->int_aff_name, port);
if (ret) {
ehea_error("failed registering irq for qp_aff_irq_handler:"
" ist=%X", port->qp_eq->attr.ist1);
goto err_free_irq_recv_eq_0;
if (netif_msg_ifup(port))
ehea_info("irq_handle 0x%X for function qp_aff_irq_handler "
"registered", port->qp_eq->attr.ist1);

for (i = 0; i < port->num_def_qps + port->num_add_tx_qps; i++) {
pr = &port->port_res[i];
snprintf(pr->int_send_name, EHEA_IRQ_NAME_SIZE - 1,
"%s-send%d", dev->name, i);
ret = ibmebus_request_irq(NULL, pr->send_eq->attr.ist1,
ehea_send_irq_handler, SA_INTERRUPT,
pr->int_send_name, pr);
if (ret) {
ehea_error("failed registering irq for ehea_send"
" port_res_nr:%d, ist=%X", i,
goto err_free_irq_send_eq_1;
if (netif_msg_ifup(port))
ehea_info("irq_handle 0x%X for function ehea_send_int "
"%d registered", pr->send_eq->attr.ist1, i);
return ret;

// Post-dec works with unsigned int too.
while (i-- > 0) {
u32 ist = port->port_res[i].send_eq->attr.ist1;
ibmebus_free_irq(NULL, ist, &port->port_res[i]);
ibmebus_free_irq(NULL, port->qp_eq->attr.ist1, port);
i = port->num_def_qps;
while (i-- > 0) {
u32 ist = port->port_res[i].recv_eq->attr.ist1;
ibmebus_free_irq(NULL, ist, &port->port_res[k]);
goto out;
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