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SubjectRe: [PATCH][RFC] request_firmware examples and MODULE_FIRMWARE

Hi Marcel,

On Sep 5, 2006, at 12:33 AM, Marcel Holtmann wrote:
> actually it has never been really a filename. It was a simple pattern
> that the initial hotplug script and later the udev script mapped
> 1:1 to
> a filename on your filesystem. If you check the mailing list
> archives of
> LKML and linux-hotplug you will see that I always resisted in allowing
> drivers to include a directory path in that call. A couple of people
> tried this and it is not what it was meant to be.
> The MODULE_FIRMWARE approach simply makes this pattern visible via
> modinfo, because otherwise you would have to scan the source code to
> find this pattern. And to make it use you have to apply the same
> policy
> the firmware script is applying when choosing the file. Currently this
> is a 1:1 mapping.
> Regards
> Marcel

You're right, I should have been more specific when I said
"filename", I really meant a 1:1 mapping to a file in /lib/firmware.

My question is, should we have a generic 1:1 mapping and make it
visible through MODULE_FIRMWARE.

Or like Jon Masters suggested have specific version numbers in the
pattern and have them map to specific versions in /lib/firmware and
make them all visible through MODULE_FIRMWARE. I believe the
reasoning behind this was to make packaging drivers easier.

I believe that we should have a generic mapping in the driver (i.e,
"firmware.bin") and let the admin or the userspace hotplug scripts
take care of filename policy with a link to the correct firmware

example :

firmware.bin -> firmware-xyz.bin

The main reason for not including speciic mapping in the driver is
that everytime a new firmware version is released the driver has to
be updated and recompiled. Its much easier to change a hotplug script.

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