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SubjectRe: [Feature] x86_64 page tracking for Stratus servers
On Tuesday 05 September 2006 19:34, Kimball Murray wrote:
> Attached is a git patch that implements a feature that is used by Stratus
> fault-tolerant servers running on Intel x86_64 platforms. It provides the
> kernel mechanism that allows a loadable module to be able to keep track of
> recently dirtied pages for the purpose of copying live, currently active
> memory, to a spare memory module.

As other people commented we normally don't merge hook only patches.

The reason for this is that with Linux being so popular
and so many people want hooks for their various addons that if there
wasn't a fairly strict policy about it then at some point the core kernel
code might contain more hooks than actual code doing something.

But I see no reason why mainline shouldn't support Stratus
systems, so if you merge the whole thing in a clean way it
might be possible. It must be already GPL since the exports are _GPL.

Bonus points if the dirty tracking is done in a generic enough way that it
might be useful for other kernel things too (is that possible? I know Xen etc
use it at the Hypervisor level for various stuff)


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