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SubjectRe: CodingStyle
Pavel Machek wrote:
> +Avoid extra spaces around ! operator, and do not place spaces around (s.

How about:

Avoid extra spaces after the ! operator.
Do not place spaces around parentheses.

Because "foo && !bar" is certainly OK.

Or more draconian for the former and less so for the latter rule:

Do not put whitespace between any of the unary operators and
their operand.

It is usually unnecessary to have whitespace around parentheses
as part of expressions, around brackets, or around the operators
. and ->.

Rule 1 certainly applies likewise to ++, --, unary +, unary -, !, ~,
(typecast), unary *, unary &, sizeof.

Rule 2 applies to all of ( ), [ ], ., ->, except where line breaks and
indentation warrant whitespace, or where whitespace helps to read
expressions with more levels of braces. Although the latter should be
avoided anyway.
Stefan Richter
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