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SubjectRe: x60 - spontaneous thermal shutdown

>> > Sep 4 23:33:01 amd kernel: ACPI: Critical trip point
>> > Sep 4 23:33:01 amd kernel: Critical temperature reached (128 C), shutting down.
>> > Sep 4 23:33:01 amd shutdown[32585]: shutting down for system halt
>> > Sep 4 23:34:42 amd init: Switching to runlevel: 0
>> >
>> > I do not think cpu reached 128C, as I still have my machine... Did
>> > anyone else see that?
>> Could this be in any way related to the (in)famous Random Shutdown issues
>> on a little too many Apple MacBooks?
>> (since the x60 incidentally just happens to be Core Duo
>> architecture, too)
>Well, but those macbooks were really overheating, no? This seems like
>sensor failure, because I do not think cpu had 128 Celsius, without
>going through 100 Celsius, first.
>I had fan working at the time of shutdown, and machine was able to
>boot immediately afterwards. That means that 128 celsius was sensor

If it was near 128 C for some time, the plastic case the mainboard is
housed in would have been extremely hot and one would have probably burned
his fingers.

Jan Engelhardt
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