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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] fail kernel compilation in case of unresolved symbols
Kirill Korotaev writes:
> At stage 2 modpost utility is used to check modules.
> In case of unresolved symbols modpost only prints warning.
> IMHO it is a good idea to fail compilation process in case of
> unresolved symbols, since usually such errors are left unnoticed,
> but kernel modules are broken.

Total disagree. A big warning is appropriate, but failure
is unnecessary and harmful.

Consider a big modular config, which has loads of modules
I'll never need or use. Even if $random_module has an
unresolved symbol, the kernel+modules will still work with
a fairly high degree of probability, allowing me to test
other things even though $random_module is (temporarily)

Your suggestion would either force me to reconfigure to
avoid the broken module (allowing me to forget about it),
or it would prevent me from testing that kernel at all
until I or someone else fixed the $random_module breakage.
Either way, testing suffers.
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