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SubjectRe: VIA IRQ quirk, another (embarrassing) suggestion.
Chris Wedgwood wrote:
> Now, failing that, Jeff, what about if we try to use ACPI to detect if
> the PCI device is on-board or a plug-in card? If we did and ignored
> them would that satisfy you?
> Yes, I know this is yet-another horrible heuristic and might not work
> in all cases, but I think we need to aim to get the majority of
> systems broken working pretty promptly. As Andrew said, this really
> is quire embarrassing right now.

It's not a question of me being satisfied or embarrassed. The only
question is what works for all cases.

My guess is that we need more complex logic to detect which devices are
truly on-board.

Unfortunately for us, PCI cards with VIA SATA or VIA ethernet exist, so
we cannot continue the current scheme of device ID enumeration either.


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