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SubjectRe: GPLv3 Position Statement
Ar Gwe, 2006-09-29 am 17:48 +1000, ysgrifennodd
> I'm also a strong proponent of "authors rights", and I would consider
> it very nasty if someone took one of my projects and decided to fork
> it to be GPLv2 only, deliberately going against my intention. They
> might have a legal right to do so but it would clearly be against my
> wishes. I'm not even 100% certain it would be legal.

In the FSF case the reverse is more likely - the FSF uses its copyright
assignments to re-version a piece of software they own the rights to.
That I think is self-curing because people will contribute to the forked
tree without giving the FSF assignments - which is authors rights 8)

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