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SubjectRe: GPLv3 Position Statement
On Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 01:37:37PM -0500, Chase Venters wrote:
> I think one thing that should have happened a _lot_ sooner is that you and
> others should have made clear to the startled community that you object
> precisely to the anti-Tivoization clause, not because of any technical
> reason or interpretation but because you don't see anything wrong with
> Tivo's use of Linux. It would have been nice but totally optional to
> engage in dialogue with the FSF. But slandering them about their license
> development process, or their intentions with regard to using Linux as
> leverage, is counterproductive whether true or not.

This has been made clear to Eben and the FSF, for a long time. The
FSF has simply chosen not to listen to Linus and other members of the
kernel community. In fact, I've never seen any interest in a
dialogue, just a pseudo-dialogue where "input is solicited", and then
as near as far as I can tell, at least on the anti-Tivo issue, has
been simply ignored. But in any case, it should not have come as a
surprise and should not have startled anyone.


- Ted
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