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SubjectRe: GPLv3 Position Statement

>Fuzzy (but realistic) logic:
> kernel != operating_system
> operating_system > kernel
> operating_system - kernel = 0
> kernel - (operating_system - kernel) < 0
>Another (license compatibility) Q. is:
> If the (operating_system - kernel) is re-licensed under v.3 and
> the kernel is still under v.2 , would it be possible to distribute
> combination (kernel + (operating_system - kernel)) ?

If by operating system you mean the surrounding userland application,
then yes, why should there be a problem with a GPL2 kernel and a GPL3
userland? After all, the userland is not only GPL, but also BSD and
other stuff.

>The last Q. is how good is the almost forgotten Hurd kernel?

Wild guess: At most on par with Minix.

Jan Engelhardt
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