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SubjectRe: The GPL: No shelter for the Linux kernel?
On 2006-09-22, Linus Torvalds <> wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Sep 2006, David Schwartz wrote:
>> This is probably going to be controversial, but Linus should seriously
> I don't actually want people to need to trust anybody - and that very much
> includes me - implicitly.
> I think people can generally trust me, but they can trust me exactly
> because they know they don't _have_ to.

And somebody chooses anoter license, f.e see:

> Now, I could have done it all directly on the Linux-kernel mailing list,
> but let's face it, that would just have caused a long discussion and we'd
> not have really been any better off anyway. So instead, I did
> git log | grep -i signed-off-by: |
> cut -d: -f2- | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | less -S
> which anybody else can do on their copy of their git repository, and I
> just picked the first screenful of people (and Alan. And later we added
> three more people after somebody pointed out that some top people use

Alan *is on top* of (old fashioned, gitless):

$ for i in `find linux/drivers/`
do dd count=1 <$i | grep @ | sed 's_[^<]*<\(.*@.*\)>[^>]*_\1_g'
done | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | most

And what about linux/CREDITS ? Creating (even in the past) is also worth.

As Adrian Bunk noted, there are may who contibuted, still CREDITS has
reasonable size. Search above && grep in CREDITS 50 / 50 from the git
logs would be better ;D.

I would, say

H. Peter Anvin, Vojtech Pavlik, Patrick Mochel, Pavel Machek

are also major contributors. Cheers, guys !
[i usually do credit search on stuff i read in the kernel, so that is IMHO]

-o--=O`C 5 years ago TT and WTC7 were assassinated.
#oo'L O Learn more how (tm) <>
<___=E M

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