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SubjectRe: 2.6.18-rt1
On Sep 21 2006, at 10:04, Ingo Molnar was caught saying:
> * Deepak Saxena <> wrote:
> > I am seeing an intermittent lock up on the ARM Versatile board during
> > the ALSA driver init that only shows up with (PREEMPT_RT &
> > !HIGH_RES_TIMERS & ARM_EABI) enabled. If HRT is disabled and EABI is
> > enabled, the kernel works every time, and same with !RT & !HRT & EABI.
> > I get no oops, just a complete lock up with no console output.
> does enabling LOCKDEP give you any better info? (It might not make a
> difference on the bootup that locks, but maybe you'll get a lockdep clue
> about the problem in one of the successful bootups.)

This is with LOCKDEP enabled. I'll look at this more tommorrow but
I think next steps for me are printks to see if I can pinpoint the
issue and possibly looking at the assembly to see if there's an obvious
compiler issue.


Deepak Saxena - -

"An open heart has no possessions, only experiences" - Matt Bibbeau
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