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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sched.c: Be a bit more conservative in SMP
Vincent Pelletier <subdino2004 <at>> writes:
> I've often seen the following use case happening on the few linux SMP boxes
> I have access to : one process eats one cpu becaus eit has a big
> computation to do, all cpu being idle, and the process keeps on hopping
> from one cpu to another.
> This patch is a quick try to make this behaviour disapear without requiring
> to bind all processes manually with taskset.
> I don't know if there is any practical performance increase (although I
> believe there locally is).

Hi !

Do you know if your patch has been included somewhere ?
We have the same problem on a HPCC here with 4 CPUs per MB, and I don't like
playing with taskset (moreover, performance under Windows *much* is better
without any tuning, shame on us), it would be nice to see less migration when
it's not needed...



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