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Subjecttracing - consensus building insteat of dogfights

I've been half-way through reading this thread after returning, and I must
say I'm rather annoyed that 80% of it is just Roman vs Ingo and Karim vs
Jes dogfights that run in circles. Let's try to find some majority optinion
and plans to move forward:

*) so far everyone but Roman seems to agree we want to support dynamic
tracing as an integral part of the tracing framework
*) most people seem to agree that we want some form of in-source annotation
instead of just external probes

so let's build on this rough consensus and decide on the next steps before
fighting the hard battels. I think those important steps are:

1) review and improve the lttng core tracing engine (without static traces
so far) and get it into mergeable shape. Make sure it works nicely
from *probe dynamic tracing handlers.
2) find a nice syntax for in-source tracing annotations, and implement a
backend for it using lttng and *probes.

We can fight the hard fight whether we want real static tracing and how
many annotations of what form were after we have those important building
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