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SubjectRe: Math-emu kills the kernel on Athlon64 X2
Sergio Monteiro Basto <> writes:
> I think, math emulation is for 486 and older. 486 DX2 was the first one
> who have math co processor, on earlier processor it should be disable .

Actually, 486 DX had built-in FPU as well. It was missing from 486SX
(486SX + optional 487 FPU = 486DX).

For 386(DX|SX) there were 387(DX|SX) (386SX used 16-bit bus).

Many 32-bit motherboards had a socket for Weitek (3167 for 386DX or 4167
for 486). I think I remember a board with 386DX and 287 socket as well.

486DX2 meant the external clock was half the internal.
Krzysztof Halasa
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