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SubjectRe: 2.6.18-rc7-mm1
On Tue, Sep 19, Andrew Morton wrote:

> What version of udev is it running?

021 likely, a simple udevstart that looks for 'dev' entries.
Where do they hide now in -mm?

> > [: [0-9]*: bad number
> >
> >
> That all looks rather bad.

'bad number' is harmless, affects only the persistant /dev/disk/ symlinks,
happens since the SCSI target patches in 2.6.9.

> > ReiserFS: sda2: Using r5 hash to sort names
> > looking for init ...
> > found /sbin/init
> > /init: cannot open .//dev//console: no such file
> Bizarrely-formed pathname. Does it always do that?

Yes, I wonder why /dev/console got lost in the first place.

rm -rf /bin /lib*
exec /run_init "$@" < "./$udev_root/console" > "./$udev_root/console" 2>&1

> Has udev actually attempted to do anything by this stage?

udevstart spawns alot /sbin/udev processes to propagate /dev
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