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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Linux Kernel Markers
Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
> Martin Bligh <> writes:
>>[...] "compiled anew from original sources after deployment" seems
>>the most practical to do to me. From second hand info on using
>>systemtap, you seem to need the same compiler and source tree to
>>work from anyway [...]
> Not quite. Systemtap does not look at sources, only object code and
> its embedded debugging information. (How many distributions keep
> around compilable source trees?)

???? Boggle. Any distro that cannot find the source code for it's kernel
deserves a swift kick to the head, plus a red hot poker somewhere else.

>>[...] It seems like all we'd need to do is "list all references to
>>function, freeze kernel, update all references, continue", [...]
> One additional problem are external references made *by* the function.
> Those too would all have to be relocated to the live data.

Not sure what you mean ... could you give a quick example?

> Live code patching is theoretically useful for all kinds of things,
> but I've never heard it described as relatively simple before! :-)

well, on a whole-function basis, it seems somewhat simpler.

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