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SubjectRe: tracepoint maintainance models

* Karim Yaghmour <> wrote:

> Ingo Molnar wrote:
> > Amazing! So the trace data provided by those removed static markups
> > (which were moved into dynamic scripts and are thus still fully
> > available to dynamic tracers) are still available to LTT users? How is
> > that possible, via quantum tunneling perhaps? ;-)

> Previously alluded to script can easily be made to read mainlined
> dynamic scripts and generate alternate build files for the designate
> source. Let me know if I need to expand on this.

That suggestion is so funny to me that i'll let it stand here in its
absurdity :) Did i get it right, you are suggesting for LTT to build a
full SystemTap interpreter, an script-to-C compiler, an embedded-C
script interpreter, just to be able to build-time generate the SystemTap
scripts back into the source code? Dont you realize that you've just
invented SystemTap, sans the ability to remove inactive code? ;)

I know a much easier method: a "static tracer" can do all of that (and
more), if you rename "SystemTap" to "static tracer" ;-)

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