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SubjectRe: tracepoint maintainance models

Theodore Tso wrote:
> I *think* what Karim is trying to claim is that LTT also has some
> dynamic capabilities, and isn't a pure static tracing system. But if
> that's the case, I don't understand why LTT and SystemTap can't just
> merge and play nice together....

That's been the thrust of my intervention here. There is already a
great deal of common ground between the respective teams. There are
historical "incidents", if we want to call them as such, which
prompted such separation. There is a common desire of interfacing,
and much talk has been done on the topic. From my point of view,
I think it's fair to say that the SystemTap folks have been
particularly wary of interfacing with ltt based mainly on its
controversial heritage. If the signal *and* endorsement from kernel
developers is that SystemTap and LTTng should "play nice together",
then, I think, everything is in place to accelerate that.

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