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SubjectRe: Industrial device driver uio/uio_*

>> Hm has this now been named uio? iio may have seem strange to some, but
>> uio also resembles BSD/Solaris (uio_copyin, uio_copyout, uiomove, etc.)
>Yes, I am aware of uio, we have include/linux/uio.h :)
>Do you have a better name for this code? If you don't like uio, I'm
>open to new suggestions.

- I was fine with iio
- udio, for userspace-driven IO (my favorite should iio not make it)
- idd, since it's called "Industrial device driver"
(don't go about calling it iddqd)

more artistic ones:
- iofu, for IO From Userspace, or, on 2nd thought, simply IO-fu (as in Kung-fu)
- something else that's not related at all? /methinks of squid,
which, from the name, does not suggest it would be a web proxy.

Jan Engelhardt
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